Seed Vault's Mission is to Create, Manage, and Grow the SEED Community & Economy.

For more information about the SEED token sale, visit the SEED Token site.

Seed Vault Ltd's mission is to promote, develop, and support the SEED community by creating, promoting, and managing the SEED token, network, and marketplaces. Seed Vault will also sponsor research, development, and education projects that bring decentralized protocols and tools that empower developers to produce conversational interfaces that are open, humane, and trustworthy. As a Singaporean Company Limited by Guarantee, Seed Vault is designed to be acquisition-resistant in order to keep the SEED community independent and ensure that bot and CUI technologies aren’t just accessible and affordable by large, multinational corporations.


The role of the Board of Trustees is to provide oversight of the activities of the organization. Board members will be elected to 3-year terms, staggered by 1 year, to ensure continuity of institutional memory. Election of board members will be held periodically, allowing SEED token holders to vote for trustee candidates.

Further information about Seed Vault's activities and governance will be posted on this website after the SEED toke token sale.

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Seed Vault Ltd. Trustees

Nathan Shedroff
Executive Director

A seasoned, serial entrepreneur, Nathan leads the Seed Vault team’s operation and governance. He speaks, writes, and leads workshops internationally.

Mark Stephen Meadows

Mark is the visionary technologist and artist behind SEED and an experienced bot developer for over a decade. He speaks internationally and writes books about bots.

Michelle Katz

More than just a lawyer, Michelle constructs legal strategies to protect both organization’s and individuals’ rights to create.

Jamie Burke

Jamie has deep experience in digital currency strategy and development. He is the founder of Outlier Ventures which have been lead investors and strategic partners to the likes of IOTA.